State-of-the-art Facilities


The college has a well-stocked library with a rich collection of books, CD-ROMs, audio-cassettes, and teaching aids. The collection reflects almost all the areas of education such as secondary education, higher education, educational administration and supervision, history and problems of education, educational psychology, counseling and special education, etc.,. A large number of magazines, periodicals, and journals are subscribed by the library to provide the student’s valuable information, knowledge, and exposure. The library has 12,211 books and has a seating capacity of 50. The house keeping operations are computerized with Easylib Software. The college has registered for the N-LIST Programme of MHRD. The Staff and Students have access to 2100 e- journals and 51,000 e-books.


In the present context of globalization, it has been realized that knowledge and information must be easily accessible to learners. With this in view, Internet facility is made available to the students and staff members both in the Library and Computer Lab.

Science Lab:

The college has well-equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology with excellent facilities for practical work.

Language Lab:

There is a fully equipped language lab with audio aids and latest technology to help the students achieve native speaker’s skills in English language.

Psychology Lab:

Most of the apparatus available in the laboratory is based on the principles of learning, attention, perception, immediate and delayed memory, intelligence, and personality. The students of both B.Ed and M.Ed courses utilize them.

Technology Lab:

We believe that the development of new technologies affords us an unprecedented opportunity to transform the learning experience for our students. The infrastructure at MES Teachers College is carefully developed in response to students and faculty needs and ensures that there are no boundaries between the discovery, transfer, and application of knowledge. The college has good audio-visual laboratory,which provides practical training to the teachers and teacher trainees in the handling of various types of audio-visual equipment.


Value Education:

To inculcate the habit of appreciation and acknowledgment of the greatness of our Indian culture and heritage, the college lays ample stress on value – based education. Praying together is an extremely important facet of teacher foundation. There is a morning prayer and assembly where emphasis is made on debating, recitation, drama, music, quizzing and other activities, which are conducted daily.

Parents Involvement:

Parents are the primary educators of their children. Therefore, the college has parent-teacher meetings regularly to check on the academic progress and is consulted on matters of policy.


Schools are sites where student teachers learn to teach. The internship gives the student teachers a wide ranging and intensive experience of real schools and classroom. About 30 high schools of the city are specially selected for the purpose of conducting practice teaching sessions.

Alumni Association:

MES.Teachers College has a strong and active alumni association that plays a major role in building long relationships and aims to facilitate lifelong learning through the exchange of ideas and knowledge. The alumni association has been successful in organizing community outreach programmes.

Students Council:

MES Teachers College provides ample scope for students to exhibit their talents by involving them in various literary & cultural activities. The college publishes ‘SAMHITHA’, the college magazine every year.

Placement Cell:

The college has A Placement Cell. The students have to register their names. Placement process begins just before the final theory exams.


  • Induction Programme for the Students
  • Inauguration of the Students’ Association Activities
  • Convocation for New Graduates
  • Prof. M.R. Srinivasa Rao Memorial Lecture Contest for students of Colleges of Education.
  • Teachers’ Day Celebration.
  • Orientation Programme on Mental Health awareness among students
  • BendreVrindagana Competition

Academic Performance:

YearNo. ExaminedNo. PassedNo. of 1st Class of PassesPercentage